Monday, 17 April 2017

Linking the Customer Experience to Value with Mobile App Solutions

Upgrade Your Client Experience and Generate More Revenue 

Most of travelers use their mobile devices on travel, now it’s become very essential for travel agencies or tour operators to connect and engage with their clients throughout the entire journey.

Modern technology has developed at a frightening pace and the world has been continually adapting to this steadily evolving the changing innovation in new technology. As a result of this technology sorts a wide range of innovative data with the fraction of seconds, travel operators have been compelled to adjust their travel business keeping in mind to serve their clients at whenever and wherever required.

Techno-heaven provides a comprehensive and innovative travel white label solution and  mobile app development to assist customers for their booking, at time of departure, and at their destination. While also we are focusing on improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, techno-heaven offers beneficial opportunities that will help generate additional revenue on ancillaries and up-sells.

Reasons to go for Mobile Apps
  • Flexible And Easy To Use:
  • Engage Throughout The Entire Travel Cycle
  • Increase Client Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Drive More Ancillary Revenue
  • Auto Alert System

Some of the Set-Apart Features of Our Travel Apps are:

1. Customize Branded App:-
  • Custom branding
  • Works Offline
  • Available in Preferred Language

2. Integrated Google Map:-
  • This helps users to get a better understanding to make bookings keeping the customers convenience in mind.

3. Itineraries & Activities:-
  • Complete daily itineraries and tour activity
  • Can check daily activities for tour

4. Easy Documentation: 
  • It eliminate forming issues also help to maintain documents including receipts, purchase order history, itineraries, and vouchers in an organized and systematic manner, with alternatives for users to save, access, email, and print.

5. User-friendly:-
  • Easy to use
  • Web Responsive

Thereby what makes these redesigns so helpful and essential is that they improve the mobility appreciated by travel agents, thus permitting them to concentrate on boosting their market and extending their span.

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Techno TMS - Better To Manage Corporate Travel Business

Techno TMS - Better To Manage Corporate Travel Business

Techno-TMS is nothing but online travel reservation system which helps tour operators, destination management and travel agencies to sell products like hotel booking, air ticket booking, car rentals, transport booking, tour packages and many more and automate working procedure and increase business efficiency.

How Techno TMS Help in Travel Business..?
At Technoheaven, we understand how complicated it is for the service providers in the travel industry to deal with a variety of challenges on a day to day basis, which is why we have come up with a cutting edge tool that serves as a comprehensive travel management system. Techno-TMS travel management system is exceptionally instinctual, easy to use, highlight enhanced, and adaptable which is designed to help travel specialists including tour operators, destination management companies, and travel agencies to respond effectively to their customers’ requisites.

As an all-inclusive, professional travel software solution integrated with online booking technology, this sophisticated application from Technoheaven will deliver end-to-end solutions for travel reservation, hotel reservation, operations, back-office, contracts, and distribution system. Techno-TMS will further enable you to gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs that help you to plan and conceptualize promotional campaigns according to their requirements.

Some of the Set-Apart Features of TMS are:
  • Multiple POS (Point of Sale): A great thing regarding our TMS is that it puts out at your disposal a number of channels to sell your travel products via B2C, B2B, and API XML Integration.
  • Ability to Handle Multiple Services: From hotel reservation, city tours, and transfers to static and dynamic holiday packages, you can display and sell a whole host of products through our advanced travel management software.
  • User-friendly CMS: With this application, you can easily add, amend, or update content as well as contracts.
  • Easy Documentation: It eliminate forming issues also help to maintain documents including receipts, purchase order history, itineraries, and vouchers in an organized and systematic manner, with alternatives for users to save, access, email, and print. 
  • Features to Incorporate Business Rules: This is extremely advantageous, as it enables to easily update policies associated with your travel business, in particular Cancellation Policy, Payment Policy, General Terms and Conditions.
  • Integrated Google Map: This helps users to get a better understanding to make bookings keeping the customers convenience in mind.
  • Auto Cancellation Feature: In the event of non-payment, the reservation will be canceled automatically.
  • Flexible Mark Up Module: TMS’ advanced markup modules enables travel service providers to work on different levels on the basis of sales channel and geographic locations.
  • Automated System Alerts: Besides sending out alert for payment, cancellation, and confirmation of reservations, it also give alerts in the event of access failures.

Why choose Technoheaven’s TMS?
  • An all-inclusive travel management application built on an advanced and scalable technology
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Easy to customize as per clients’ unique specifications
  • Efficient client management featuring the complete details of clients’ queries
  • Sophisticated documentation system with automated billing, receipts and vouchers
  • Management of highly intricate mark-up modules across a variety of channels
  • Highly secured back office system
  • Helps to establish brand loyalty
  • Curtail significant capital expenses and improve ROI
  • Dedicated customer support from experts

Techno TMS have unique facilities such as connect with third party wholesalers in real time, Group reservation facility, generates itineraries, bills, vouchers, passenger manifest reports, invoices and many more. To standout in today’s fastest growing competitive tourism market effective tour operator software is essential for every small to large scale travel agency.

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How Travel Agency Software Becomes Travel Agent's Best Friend

How Travel Agency Software Becomes Travel Agent's Best Friend

Travel agency software helps your travel business perform better, increasing travel consolidators' productivity and sales.

Following five ways are the  powerful travel management platform can empower travel agents to deliver a product worth paying for.

  • 1.    It Empowers Them To Deliver The Best Value To Their Clients.
The do-it-without anyone's help travel slant stays prominent, not with standing for business travelers with complex itineraries. Be that as it may, usually these DIY street warriors rapidly get themselves tangled in a web of convoluted organization.

What's more, when these DIY corporate travelers have a consequential meeting toward the evening, they can't stand to think about missed associations, misdirecting convenience appointments and intensifying expenses.

Travel operators who arm themselves with an intense travel management platform can mitigate these concerns with certainty.   

Stacking arranged rates, choosing favored merchants and guaranteeing your customers get the most value for their money is made simple and effective with a good travel management system.

  • 2.    It Makes Exercising Duty Of Care Easy.
Not only do corporate explorers who go only it put themselves at risk of expanding costs, they relinquish the invaluable safety net a travel agent provides.

Travel agents have little room for error when it comes to exercising duty of care for their clients.
A travel management platform with streamlined risk-management ability is essential. Travel operators who utilize them differentiate their offering, particularly given the way of life of concern encompassing crowd sourced booking platforms.

  • 3.    It Puts All Of Their Communication Streams In The One Place
Modern business travel keeps running on communication Speaking with carriers, convenience, customers, colleagues and those left at home base is time consuming and depleting for travelers who choose to go it alone.

Any corporate travel group genuine about making arrangements for benefit must have a home-base equipped with capable informing devices. Travel agents with viable travel agency software can itinerary changes, approvals, security data and general correspondence with speed and proficiency.

  • 4.    Its Flexible To the Way They Work
Travel operators might be conditional to enroll another management platform since they fear their current work-flows will be scrapped. While any on boarding period takes a period of alteration, a streamlined management platform permits make travel agents to tailor their product to the services they provide.

The best travel management platforms today are app-powered, taking into the creation of tailored custom-made and customized work processes to suit an agency's individual projects.

  • 5.    It Allows Them to Demonstrate Success to Clients
As said before in this article, the ability for travel agents to demonstrate the value of their services more imperative today than any time than ever before.  

In order to compete with disrupting free platforms and DIY business travelers, travel agencies need to communicate their prowess in profit with data-backed evidence.

A great travel management platform improves analysis and reporting of a travel strategy, picturing areas of chance with speed and exactness.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Advantage of Having Travel Portal & Travel Agency Software

Advantage of Having Travel Portal & Travel Agency Software

In today’s digital era everyone is using web medium to plan their vacation. Every traveler utilize web to book hotels, flight reservation or to find best tour packages to make their holidays memorable. So, travel agents need to put their product and services where travelers are present for which developing online portal and travel management system can be best solution.

Travel portal helps travel agent to increase the visibility of their business and enables them to sell their product via internet. Travel agency software is one of the essential software that every travel and tour operators need. The main objective using travel agency software is it helps to manage the reservations efficiently and rapidly. Software developed with business prospective comes with advanced features and tools which help user to streamline their business management. 

  •  Improves Customer Service
Now days many leading travel companies provides all travel products and services at one place with the help of Online travel Portal and help their customers find it easily. Online portal helps travel agents to sell more product and service to customer from anywhere at any time. Features such as booking confirmation, SMS & email notification, booking cancelation, and online payment delights customer. So, the most ideal approach to stay in touch with traveler out there you can setup online travel portal.

  • Attract More Customer
To increase revenue from travel business every travel agent need to sell more product like hotels, flight ticket, car rental, visas and more for which they need to invest in marketing & promotion. Travel software which offers marketing features saves money effort of travel agents. Travel agents can show photos, reviews and rating of products highlight best-selling tour package, special deals, offers to attract more customers. Travel agents can create customized tour packages as per customer’s requirements.
  • Increase Visibility & Revenue
Multiple sales channel feature helps travel agents to sell more products visa B2C, B2B or mobile responsive web portal. With the help of consumer portal customer can book travel products and services online. B2B portal enables your sub-agent to make bookings for their clients. Therefore you can easily attract local and international customer.

  •  Automate Business Process:
Software for travel agency helps travel agents to manage their online travel booking, online travel and tour reservations without any manual interaction. Software helps to automate the business process and reduce manpower and faster turnaround time.  With the help of software travel agent can centralize reservations, receive payments online, track inventory and easily generate reports and track sales.

  •  Easy Editing & Reporting
Dashboard and reporting tools enables users to take insight into sales and profit. Inventory management tool enables track available product quantity and sold booking information. Content management system allows you to update and list more products.

Finally Travel agency software helps travel agents to streamline business administration and comprehensive features help to grow business.

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

How to Start Online Travel Agency Business

How to Start Online Travel Agency Business

If you are planning to start your tourism business or already own it then go through the article and find out  the most useful info that will help to grow your travel business speedily.

Now a day’s travel and tour industry is steadily growing as the globalization increases. Every year people traveling to other countries for pleasure and business are increasing. So, Investing in Travel business is good opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to earn more. Starting a travel business or travel agency needs only small capital and good technical support.

Travel agency management system offers different types of services to travellers and tourist that include purchasing airline tickets, making hotel and resort reservations, creating itineraries for tour packages and providing information about specific destinations. Before starting your travel business you need to first decide whether you want to become owner of your travel agency or a franchise owner of another big brand travel agency. There are many Global travel agencies who offer franchise for entrepreneurs to expand their business into different territories. They give commissions to franchise holders on every booking or different plans for them.

But if you have knowledge of travel business process and little Marketing experience then starting your own travel agency could be better option.  These days, to start travel agents do not need to rent a big office or shop at front location, they can work from home or as most travel arrangements are made online. Just online Travel Portal enough to start your own travel agency. 

Here are the important things to do in setting up this business:
  • First decide which type of product and services traveler prefers while making their travel plan.  Determine which travel product and services such as Flight booking, hotels and resort, car rental and tour packages will produce you higher profits.  Launch customized and affordable tour packages for all age groups. 
  • Determine which market is profitable for your travel agency such as B2C B2B, and B2B2C and develop online travel portal that offers facility to book flight, hotels, visas, car rental and many more travel reservation online. Add description of travel services, contact information, photos and reviews to your website. Add multiple booking engines such as flight, bus, car, hotels and integrate the best API’s which offer higher commission. 
  • Promote your tour packages and travel services on social media and other platforms where interested audience is present. Also promote your travel agency using marketing materials, such as brochures, business cards and flyers. 
  • Understand latest travel business strategies and implement plans to increase your sales and revenue. Take help of travel solution provider and develop your own travel agency software which will automate your travel agency and increase productivity. Effective tour operator software allows you to manage inventory and generate reports and track your sales and revenue. So ask you travel solution provider for these features.

A travel and tour agency sells services and products relating to travel such airline tickets, tour packages, car rentals, hotel accommodations, tourist visas and many other travel products. Starting your own agency allows you to sell a wider variety of travel services while allowing you to earn more.  Travel Agency software helps to improve business efficiency and enhance their travel business productivity.

If you are planning to start travel agency and want to provide online flight, bus, car booking facility to online users then Techno TMS can be best solution for you.  Our web based travel agency software helped thousands of travel agents to start their travel business.

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Benefits of Having Online Travel Agency (OTA)

 Travel Agency Software

Benefits of Having Online Travel Agency (OTA)

Now days many travelers think that booking online hotels, tickets and holiday packages by their own save more money and time. So, instead of visiting travel agencies or tour operator they chose online travel agents to book their travel products. So to earn more along with offline presence online is also important.

OTAs increase the visibility of your travel business.  The OTAs provide a platform for small tour operators to become visible to a new market and locations.  Travel agents can sell their products globally though the responsive and optimized website and reach the wider market.

OTA offers huge choice and options and allows them to compare relevant products and choose convenient option for them.  For example if tourist looking for accommodation then he first look for price, available room types, amenities and interior of room  and reviews etc.  And then come across the decision. So, with the help of OTA you can highlights best hotels or best-selling tour packages along with photo gallery and reviews which gives clear view of your product and services. Therefore you can easily attract local and international customer.

Tour operator software helps travel agents to setup their online Travel Agency (OTA) which helps them to expand their travel business across different territories. Online travel agency enables traveler to make their travel reservation such as booking flight tickets, tour package, and hotel rooms at their destination from anywhere at any time. Many leading travel companies are implementing online reservation management system to increase their sells and revenue.

Benefits for Tour Operators
  • Simple process flows for ease of understanding
  • Reduced man power & faster turnaround times
  • Attend to customers even during non-working hours
  • The best rates translate to strengthened customer loyalty
  • Increase your reach by distributing your inventory across global markets
  • Increase your reach through branches and sub-agents
  • Complete control over inventory and operations
  • Automated processes help you concentrate on your business
  • Improve the efficiency and productivity of employees
  • Significantly cut down expenses
  • Task reporting made easy

In the travel industry demand of software for travel agency is increased so, we developed one as per  travel agents requirements  with advanced features which helps travel agents to streamline their business process. Techno TMS is web based fully user friendly software integrated with Hotel and flight API, which make travel reservation process easier to users and they can make their bookings online. Travel agencies can sell their travel products online via multiple sells channels such as B2C, B2B, mobile apps and social Media using this software.

Travel Agency software enables you to automate and streamline your travel agency, manage your customer’s service effectively. With travel agency software system travel agent can centralize reservations, accept payments online, track inventory and easily generate reports and track sales. 

Our advanced Travel Agency Software with all Flight, Hotel, bus, car reservation module helps travel agents to promote their business globally via internet. We are IT Company and providing travel solutions for travel agencies and destination management companies.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Travel Agency / Tour Operator Software - Best Solution for Tour Operators

 Travel Agency Software

Travel Agency / Tour Operator Software - Best Solution for Tour Operators

Travel Agency Software is online package tour selling travel software that helps you to improve your worldwide marketing and selling effort real time and against relatively low costs. It's a web-based online database-driven system, which enables tenants to search tour plan on features that suit their wishes and to book and pay for them online without the intervention of others. Therefore you can easily attract local and international customer by creating new custom tours plan at your own price model. Travel agents, Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts (B&B), apartments, flats, villas, cottages, hostels, tour operators, tourism agencies etc. offers with the Online Booking Manager products a low cost high performance solution for online bookings.

When it comes to travel agency automation or tourism business administration, you need to choose best software for travel agency that completes your requirements. That’s why we have developed Techno TMS. Techno TMS is cost-effective Travel Agency Software provides you with the means to maximize the true potential of these profitable Internet sales through increased direct online sales and offline sales and decreased administration costs.

Key Features of Our Travel Agency Software:
  • Creating custom tour package and price control
  • Advance tour search based on tour type, Destination, city, departure date, rooms, price and many more.
  • Manage Tours- Add, Edit, and Delete options.
  • Power search of upcoming tours
  • Highlighting the maximum illustration package tour highlighting spots, price, facilities
  • Publishing schedule of package tour
  • Allowing last minutes tour reservation and offer discount
  • Publishing tour plan based on destination, deals, sightseeing and on demand pricing.
  • No need to fumble through html, ftp and all, edit all static pages from the admin panel through the simple Content Management Systems.
  • Online & offline payment gateway supports. Major payment gateways Integration like PayPal etc.
  • Creating invoice online reservation dynamic billing and pay through online.
  •  Multi-currency & Multi Language Support
  • In built stock control and Ajaxified Hotel photo gallery.
  • Cancel an existing Reservation.
  • Calendar availability and block a room by date
  • Email Templates driven design
  • Easy availability and bookings view

Administrator Login:
  • Managing website from Front End.
  • Add / Edit / Delete Unlimited Property with Details.
  • Multi-Language Supported.
  • Publishing Customized Ads from administration area.
  • Add / Edit status of Property e.g. New, Sold to be seen etc.
  • Turn On / off the features you need to include.
  • Short report with "Arrange view" Details links.
  • Add /edit/ view /remove and manage register users
  • Activate or De-activated a User
  • Dynamic change of menu color, size, height and width etc.
  • Global Administrative setting.
  • Adding unlimited number of properties with vivid details
  • View / Edit / Delete existing properties.

Admin Panel Dashboard:
  • Viewing saved property by user.
  • View / send or censor user feedback before publishing site.
  • Add/Edit/Delete your Area or locations.
  • Active / De-active / a property after sold or rented.
  • Adding unlimited property type.
  • For example: Hotel, Tours, Cars, Visas etc..
  • Viewing active / Expired / sold or rented property list listing
  • Customize Email Templates & Newsletter
  • Categories / Sub-Categories based Photo Gallery of property Highlights management.
  • Search by city, property type, property style, min price, max price, beds.

Solution For Tour Operators..!
Tour operator Software is simple solution and classified ad software for travel agencies and tour operators to manage dynamic tour packages and travel deals. Visitors can search for best deals using different criteria and contact the tour operator, travel agency directly through the detailed listing page. The software comes with admin panel form where you can check the number of listing and do the options like add, edit /delete listing. Admin can easily post and edit different tour packages, and do setting like top tour package, top destination, bestselling packages etc. Admin can upload traveling sorts or tour details for each country like hotel photo, rates, hotel location ,hotel facilities from admin panel so that visitors to the website can see all these when they log on to website. Since admin can upload photo, and update information about hotel's and travel plan, it’s easy to give new and updated information to customers.

Finally with Travel Agency Software you can centralize your reservations, accept payments online, track your inventory, and streamline your business administration. Its strengths come from its ease of use, yet comprehensive features to provide a complete solution for Tour, Care Hire, Tourism, Invoicing and booking operators of all sizes.

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